Enjoy 8 Yoga Classes With Sangeet On Facebook -Whoo Hoo!

Dear Family & Friends,

Have you been so busy adjusting to social changes and job uncertainties that you might have overlooked a wonderful way to de-stress, have some fun, and get some inspiration in this (hopefully temporary) "new normal?"

Well, do this one simple thing that everyone can do. You can do it if you're in your "golden years" or your twenties or somewhere in between.

You can do it sitting in a chair, or standing up, or even lying down on a nice comfy mat.

You can do it with a buddy on the phone, you can do it all alone.

You can do it with your dog. You can do it with your cat. You can even do it wearing a pretty summer hat!…

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The Mul Mantra -My "Forever Mantra"

Dear Family and Friends,

The first time you discover a mantra you can have mixed feelings. It can seem like something you will use for a long time or just something good for a 40-day stint with a specific purpose. At times a new mantra will just be a turn-off, totally unappealing.

Over 40 plus years experience chanting mantras (and nearly 40 years before that singing hymns, doing Gregorian and Latin chants) I guess I’ve experienced all varieties of these responses.…

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Sangeet Stars on "The God Show"

Sangeet Stars on

You could feel the chemistry and measure the enormous heart-space that arose when Sangeet and Hall of Fame Broadcaster Pat McMahon spent an hour together July 23, 2019 “on air” recording a new episode of Pat’s famous “The God Show,” an Arizona favorite for nearly two decades. (Enjoy the photos -all 6 of them!)…

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