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Learn Numerology With Sangeet March 22 & 23, 2019 In Phoenix, AZ

It’s Here!
Blessings Code
Numerology Workshop

March 22 (6-9pm), March 23 (9-6pm)
Anahata Yoga Studio, Scottsdale, AZ (register at AnahataYogaAZ.com)

“Sangeet has a special way of teaching like no other! After just one Blessings Code Numerology course I was able to go home and apply what I had learned to both my personal life and my business as a doctor. The insights this coursework provides changed the way I deal with everyday challenges and most importantly relationships in my life. I high recommend it as a wife, a mother and a doctor.

--Susan Del Sordi, D.O., Essential Family Health and Wellness, Scottsdale AZ

[Video Caption: In this short video clip Sangeet explains certain aspects of the Blessings Code system in her Annual Numerology Forecast for 2019 held in December 2018.]

When Sangeet Khalsa teaches her Blessings Code sacred numerology system you get a rare insider’s view of what your soul chose for you in this lifetime. That includes lots of gifts and blessings and how you can use them to your advantage.

And of course there are challenges and that ol’ karma thing – it's worth getting insights on and Sangeet will give you ways to turn them all into blessings as well.

Sangeet is a master of this science, derived and expanded by her from the original numerology system brought to us by Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan. Learning at this depth is rarely available anywhere.

This course is a must for all teachers, healers and those who want to ensure they’re on a high consciousness path.

Sangeet’s depth of knowledge, wisdom sprinkled with humor, and illustrative stories make this complete, useful and easy to learn.

“We [my husband and I] have something to share about Sangeet’s Numerology... She gave us a little sentence about what each month would be. And we went by that and unbelievably it was Spot On and it helped us through this year.”

--Judi Devi Chandra Kaur, Scottsdale, AZ

On Friday evening (March 22nd 6 – 9 pm) Sangeet will present the basic chart (simple to do!) and an in-depth understanding of the 10-Energy Body system that guides all souls in this life.

On Saturday (March 23rd 9 am – 6 pm) she will expand our horizons with the larger chart and knowledge about the special cycles that help evolve and grow us through time. This gives us much greater understanding and the ability to pursue our life purpose and to live an inspired, elevated life.

This course is a deep immersion covering many subjects. As Sangeet teaches, most students find it helpful to take notes in their 45 page illustrated manual. Past students have found their manual invaluable and frequently refer to it over the coming months and years.

This course is only being taught this one time in 2019 so sign up now as our limited space is filling.

Date: Friday March 22 6 pm - 9 pm & Saturday March 23 9 am - 6 pm
Location: Anahata Yoga, 14148 N 100th St., Suite C-130, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (Tap for Map)
Fee: $199, Includes Workbook.
Repeating Students: $149 (Note: Students must have attended this course either in March 2018 or September 2017 at Anahata and be in Anahata’s records. Sangeet’s Annual Numerology Forecast for 2019 in December of 2018 does not qualify for the Repeating Student rate.) Includes Workbook.
Register on Anahata's website: AnahataYogaAZ.com

Published 3/14/19. ©2019 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. Blessings Code and Blessings Code Numerology are Trademarks of Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. All Rights Reserved.


2018 Numerology Forecast Event With Sangeet Kaur Khalsa -December 29, 2017

2018 NUMEROLOGY FORECAST with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
FRIDAY DECEMBER 29, 2017 (6-8:30 pm at Anahata Yoga Studio)
Discover How to Get the Best Out of The New Year!

Sat Nam, My Dear Yoga Family and Friends,full room of students with sangeet 450x300Sangeet delivers the 2017 Forecast.
We outgrew the living room!

This event is a Special Year-End Class that I have delivered each New Year for many years so everyone can get a “heads up” on the numerology trends of the coming year and learn what gifts and challenges their new annual cycle holds for each of you. It has become so popular that I can no longer hold this gathering in my home.

So this is the first time I am presenting this class at Anahata. No knowledge of numerology is necessary!

Continue Reading

New! Sangeet Kaur Khalsa Presents Blessings Code Numerology Web Classes for Beginners


Learn Blessings Code™ Numerology with S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa from the comfort and convenience of your Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Smart Phone!

These exciting lessons are presented from Sangeet's most recent Beginner and Intermediate live workshops in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I found the course to be extremely insightful. I plan to use this new knowledge to help guide myself, my family and my patients. A true blessing!” --Dr. Susan D.

Learn and laugh through 4 1/2 hours of lively instruction from one of the most enjoyable teachers of Kundalini Yoga today. Sangeet presents this course in easy-to-understand “bite-sized” nuggets -short lessons full of insights and wisdom!

“What a huge blessing! So much awareness and a new understanding of how/why I move through this life and how to embrace my gifts. This is going to help me with everyone that I work with and bring a new depth to my work (as a therapist). Sangeet is such an amazing gift. I am so grateful to know you in this lifetime!” --James K.

Sangeet uses her gifts of story telling and humor to teach each of the important keys to a person's numerology. She uses stories from her own life and from her nearly 30 years of study with Yogi Bhajan.

Whether you are new to numerology or Kundalini Yoga or are an “old timer”, this course is the one you've been waiting for!

People around the world know Sangeet for her Womanheart(R) Retreats for Women for the past 25 years and her popular book of the same name. Countless others know her as a KRI certified Senior Teacher Trainer for Kundalini Yoga.

“What a gift and what a blessing to receive these teachings from Sangeet. The content and presentation are outstanding and I know that I will be working with this for years to come. I am so grateful! Looking forward to the advanced class and the Blessings Code book!” --Ashana

“This was very informative, enjoyable. Sangeet's presentation is always a true gift and a pleasure. Ready to dive into this more!” --Rebecca H.

Use our Contact Us form so we can email you as soon as it is available, sometime the first week of April or call us in Phoenix, Arizona at (602) 265-9096.

All lessons are in High Definition Video -perfect for connecting your laptop to a big-screen monitor or TV and will work equally well on smaller mobile phones and tablets!

Here are the lessons for Beginner Blessings Code numerology:

Lesson 1. Introduction to "Blessings Code™ Numerology" with S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa (20 minutes)

Lesson 2. The Story of "The Little Soul and the 10 Sisters" (16 minutes)
Lesson 3. Our Time -The Consciousness Shift (25 minutes)
Lesson 4. The Basic Chart -Soul, Karma, Destiny, Oh My! (10 minutes)
Lesson 5. Basic Chart Interpretation -Okay, What Does It Mean? (25 minutes)
Lesson 6. The 10 Energy Bodies -The Overview (31 minutes)
Lesson 7. The 1st Energy Body -The Soul Body (11 minutes)
Lesson 8. The 2nd Energy Body -The Negative Mind (16 minutes)
Lesson 9. The 3rd Energy Body -The Positive Mind (22 minutes)
Lesson 10. The 4th Energy Body -The Neutral Mind (15 minutes)
Lesson 11. The 5th Energy Body -The Physical Body (9 minutes)
Lesson 12. The 6th Energy Body -The Arc Line Body (17 minutes)
Lesson 13. The 7th Inning Stretch -With A Karma Lesson (8 minutes)
Lesson 14. The 7th Energy Body -The Aura Body (15 minutes)
Lesson 15. The 8th Energy Body -The Pranic Body (12 minutes)
Lesson 16. The 9th Energy Body -The Subtle Body (5 minutes)
Lesson 17. The 10th Energy Body -The Radiant Body (8 minutes)
Lesson 18. The 11th Energy Body -The Body of the Divine (7 minutes)
Lesson 19. Finish Your Chart, Course Wrap-Up & Longtime Sunshine Song -Whoo Hoo! (8 minutes)