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Three Fun Things To Do June 17, 19, & 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

Maybe it's not a triple-header or a triple play in the sporting sense, but Sangeet's got an exciting three-some of events coming up!

sangeet kaur khalsa brahm prakash june 17 2017 200x200Sangeet demonstrates the Mudra for the meditation. Click photo for larger version.Saturday, June 17th there's the Special Edition of the 2-1/2 hour Meditation Event Sangeet has lead monthly for several years known as the Journey to Brahm Prakash.

This month, thanks to the miracle of digital media and the wizardry of her hubby Hari Nam Singh, the special meditation to help us all beat the challenges of these times will be running for 24 hours. It's pre-recorded video just for this month.

Any time on June 17th just go to the home page of Sangeet's website and join in the chanting: www.healingsource.com.

Date and Time: Saturday June 17th at midnight the video will be posted on this website for 24 hours. You can chant to the video at any time during the day or night.
Location: This website's home page: www.healingsource.com.
Fee: Donation button below the video.

sangeet kaur khalsa summer solstice 2016 200x200Sangeet teaching at the 2016 Summer Solstice Yoga Festival. Click photo for a larger version.Monday June 19th Sangeet teaches a special workshop at Summer Solstice Yoga Festival in New Mexico on Monday, June 19th from 2-3:30 pm. and is titled "Discover Your Unique Path to Call on the Cosmos." and will be held in the "FIRE TENT."

Using her depth of skills in Blessings Code Numerology System and her knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, Sangeet will show each person how they can command the support of Universal Consciousness even under the most challenging situations. Sangeet has been teaching at Summer Solstice for 20+ years to an eager audience of 200-500 Kundalini Yoga students!

Date and Time: Monday June 19th, 2 pm - 3:30 pm
Location: The "Fire Tent" at Summer Solstice Yoga Festival in Espanola, NM
Fee: Free with
admission to the yoga festival.

sangeet kaur khalsa shiva shakti gong june 2017 200x200Sangeet and her husband Hari Nam Singh share a story before beginning the performance. Click photo for a larger version.Sunday June 25th, to round out June events, Sangeet and Hari Nam will present their sense-sational gong event at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale: the "Shiva-Shakti Infinite Heart Meditation." Playing 6 gongs, this pair of gongsters create a sublime healing environment.

Date and Time: Sunday June 25, at 1:30 - 2:45 pm
Loacation: Anahata Y
oga, 14148 N 100th St., Suite C-130, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (Tap for Map)
Fee: Register on Anahata's website: AnahataYogaAZ.com.

Join us for one or all of these exciting events.

And then stay tuned - Sangeet's got a lot coming up in July!


Quick Look At Events To Enjoy With Sangeet

6/17/17 (Saturday): Special Pre-Recorded Journey To Brahm Prakash 2-1/2 Hour Meditation -See Details Below!
6/19/17 (Monday) 2 pm - 3:30 pm: Sangeet Teaches at Summer Solstice International Kundalini Yoga Festival in northern New Mexico -Her Class will be in the "Fire Tent"
6/25/17 (Sunday) 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm: "Shiva Shakti Infinite Heart" Gong Meditation Class with Sangeet Kaur & Hari Nam Singh at Anahata Yoga Studio

7/15-16/17 (Sat. & Sun.): Reiki Certification Workshop with Sangeet at Anahata Yoga Studio
9/15-16/17 (Fri. & Sat.): Blessings Code Numerology Workshop with Sangeet at Anahata Yoga Studio


June 2017 Numerology: Growing Our Blessings, Living As An Inspiration

Dear Friends,

Here we are about to arrive at the mid-point in this year of New Beginnings, a 10 Planetary Cycle that can offer a fresh new start, the first steps in a nine-year cycle of growth. So where are we now?

In May, a 6 Cycle month on the planet, we had opportunities to renew a personal sense of sanctuary within ourselves and in our home and family environments. It gave as time to sense the blessings in our lives, the sacred garden within ourselves that can provide peace, calm and shelter for ourselves and others.

Hopefully many reading this used meditation and prayer to help achieve this beautiful state within themselves.

Now along comes June, a month of summer warmth and playful summer-times.

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Grace of God Meditation

TAP for the "Daily Meditation" Version of this Video
TAP for the "Meditation Only" Version of this Video

This meditation, given originally by Yogi Bhajan for women, has the power to magnetize your aura and to tip it in gold. It builds the inner grace, strength, and radiance of each woman. Sangeet has been teaching this meditation to women for 25 years at her Womanheart® women's yoga retreats. In her counselor capacity, Sangeet has prescribed this to many men.

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YWCA Tribute To Women -Alumni Breakfast In Phoenix, AZ

Dear Friends,ywca 2017 sangeet addresses crowd 300x234

On April 4th I was among a great and accomplished group of alumni who received the coveted “Tribute to Women” annual award from the Arizona YWCA over the past 20 years. The reunion breakfast gathering was held outdoors in Phoenix, Arizona at YWCA headquarters. Of course I shared some thoughtful comments and humor that brought laughter to all!

I received the award in 2000 (top photo) for my work as a healer, teacher and empowering leader of women spanning a career in Reiki and Yoga training and through Womanheart® Retreats.

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