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Come Celebrate With Me On My 85th Birthday!

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Come Celebrate With Me!

You are All Being Called to Enjoy life and come celebrate with me This Sunday, June 9th!

This Sunday I will turn age 85. Several of us are getting together here in Phoenix for a picnic. This picnic event is being hosted by three special ladies known to many of you. They helped me lead 35 of my Womanheart® women’s retreats over 25 years.

These lovely co-hosts for the picnic are Kewal Kaur, Janine (Sadhana Kaur), and Harisaran Kaur. What wonderful dear friends and strong leaders they are!

The picnic starts at 6:30 pm. It will be informal and fun. We’re meeting at a picnic table at Roadrunner Park on Cactus Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you want to you can bring a vegan dish or other plant-based or dairy free goodie. Mostly just bring yourself! And Yes there will be music too!

But mostly, just bring yourselves and join us for laughter, fun and mutual appreciation of us all at every age!!
For those of you out of state, I request that you say a prayer and do any chant of your choosing.

It is a great time to be alive and loving each other’s company!

We all believe in the politics of love, laughter, hugs, and good faith in God and in each other’s goodness.

This is a great time to practice all of that. This is how we will build greatness in ourselves and between each other.

If you’d like, leave me a message on our Contact Us page. I love to read your messages!

I love you all always!

Your friend and teacher,

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

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