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Journey to Brahm Prakash -Thursday August 14, 2014 -2-1/2 Hour Meditation

Please Note: The Womanheart Retreat is September 25-28, 2014 near Tucson, Arizona. The Flier & more info is in the right-hand column.

==> Brahm Prakash Live Broadcast Begins Thursday August 14th at 6pm (Click for current Arizona time) <==

Sat Nam Everyone and Welcome to Tonight's Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation
Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Time: Monday 6pm - 8:45pm (chanting begins proptly at 6:15pm)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona: 9851 N. 28th Way, (North) Phoenix, AZ 85028 (Sangeet's home)

Video Compatibility: 2 year old Desktops, Laptops, & iOS ver 7.x and newer should work fine.
Android users Click here during broadcast time. For more Info about Compatibility, Click here.

"Join us" by posting a message in the "chat" box to the right. Use your name and your city like this: "Terri in Tucson". We'd love to know who you are! Our support person tonight is Hari Nam Singh.

The Meditation details are below the video

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Suggested Donation of $15 for Tonight will enable us to continue bringing you high quality events like this one. Thank you!

Sangeet's Message About the Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation
"Harness Universal Prana - Life Force for Power Through Peace"

Dear Friends,

With the work we did this July, the message came to Sangeet that the first stage of our work has been completed. We now enter Stage Two.

Our focus shifts from combating karma directly to building power through certain key elements, mental states and behavioral strengths that will heal and uplift this world.

Now we can harness the Universal Prana - the life force given all of us by Creator. The goal here is to direct Prana into Power through Peace. This will produce a magnetic burst of balanced power for all of us.

We will be chanting the "Pavan Guru" meditation given to us by our beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan. It springs from the closing verse of the beautiful "song of the soul" prayer written by Guru Nanak several centuries ago.

Literally it means "the Divine Breath is Guru/God." This is because the life-giving force of Prana travels on the breath. Chanting this mantra brings us the energy of God in action.

Yogi Bhajan said,

"Whoever recites this mantra become absolutely Divine, God in action.
There is no better healing than this."

Come join this worldwide light in our healing circle.

All we ask is for at least 11 people to join us in this awesome chant. With the power of 11 we engage the power of Brahm Prakash, the 4th heavenly realm, which allows us to expand our force to accomplish planetary healing.

For folks who can't make it in person, please join us here on the home page of our website where we will be broadcasting live. The folks who chant along with us on line will add to the powerful impact of the work we do here. (We have improved broadcast service and will do our best to be timely.)

Afterwards we'll enjoy a cozy, heart-warming meal.

If you can, let us know you're coming, otherwise just show up, that is okay (even if you come a few minutes late). If you can't make it for what ever reason, then join us for the Live Broadcast here on this website.

Bless you in all ways, always,


Date & Time: Thursday August 14, 2014, 6-8:45pm.

Fee: $20 ($35 for a couple) - A warm meal will be served afterwards with Yogi Tea!

Location: 9851 N. 28th Way, Phoenix AZ 85028.  (Near Route 51 at Shea Blvd). Please park on Cinnabar, NOT on the cul-de-sac.

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Android Smart Phone and Tablet users -if the video in the box above is not working, Please Click Here During The Broadcast Time for an alternate video stream that usually solves most problems. If you click the link when we're NOT BROADCASTING you will get an ERROR MESSAGE because the alternate video stream is not available. Android version 4.x and newer usually work fine with both the default browser and with Firefox-for-Andriod. Firefox-for-Android can be found in the Google Play store.

iPads and iPhones with iOS version 7.x or newer usually work fine with the video in the box above. Older versions often struggle to keep a reliable video connection and there really isn't a way to fix it.

In general, though, if the video stops and there is just a black box, "refreshing" your browser usually re-starts the video. Unfortunately, interuptions during live broadcasts are usually unavoidable. However, with the new cutting-edge technology we're using in 2014 combined with you using a computer / smart phone / tablet less than 2 years old interuptions can be minimized and in some cases avoided all together. It is just the nature of this young technology, but it will improve in the coming years.

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Womanheart Immersion September 25-28, 2014 with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

The Great Women of Womanheart 2013!

Our Theme - "The 11 Domains of Woman"


Compassion, intuitive consciousness, grace, excellence and Divinitythese are the innate strengths of every woman. We evolve these qualities through our 11 Domains of Consciousness.

Now you can learn to tap into your strengths as a woman in new ways, to elevate your heart and clear your mind. You will benefit, and all those in your family and community will grow with you. So we as women heal and nurture this world! Come join us this September 25-28 and explore your greatness!

These Domains of Consciousness are soecific to every woman, Each domain is a full consciousness cycle spanning a number of years during which we also grow in ourselves the seeds of all other cycles. The gifts each cycle brings help us to meet the challenges that come as we walk our Destiny Path.

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